AMIT KHANNA IS BACK WITH “Still about section 377”


After giving us the hugely popular series “ All about section 377” Amit Khanna is back with it’s sequel “Still about section 377”. Khanna is a Mumbai based filmmaker and an avid Fashion photographer. He also happens to be sole holder of the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke excellence award in the field of fashion photography

His latest offering “still about section 377” has already spread it’s global wings at the recent 71st Cannes film festival where it was screened at the Market. Amit has not only written and directed the series but has acted in it as well, he made his acting debut with the first season which also received rave reviews as well as international acclaim.

Sharing his experience Khanna says. “ Working on still about section 377 has been a wonderful journey, the struggles to put this together has been immense but we are all very happy with the outcome and I hope everyone watches the show as it’s really important for the youth, it will break a lot of myths and prejudices people have about the LGBTQ and we as a team hope to bring about a revolution”

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