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Rashami Desai is the face of one of the teams of Mrunal Jain’s Tennis Premiere League!

IMG_4092_Facetune_24-08-2018-16-07-11 (1).jpg

Actor Rashami Desai and Mrunal Jain have always shared the relationship of a brother and sister. As they celebrate Rakhshabhandhan, the two talk about the lovely bond they share.

“My brothers are my pillars, support, strength and a source of confidence. I a really happy that I have a brother like Mrunal. Every time I meet him, he is always there for me. I can trust him and even take him for granted at times! He is someone even if I am sad, he gets affected. He never makes me feel lonely. He tells where I have gone wrong in a very beautiful way and makes me understand,” says Rashami.

Mrunal, too, is very close to Rashami, and says that he is so happy to have her in his life. In fact, the two will be working together too. She is the face of one of the teams in his Tennis Premiere League which is co-owned by him along with actor  Kunal Thakkur “Rashami is my sister and I love to see her happy all the time. When I decided to come up with the league she was the first choice in my mind to be the face of one of the team. She always supports what I do,” he says.

Rashami, too, is thrilled to be part of the project. “It feels great to be part of the league. Although I have never played tennis, playing nay game is always fun. Plus, it is Mrunal’s league and I had to be part of it! I am sure we will have a fabulous time,” she says. Well this bhai behen ki jodi is the best jodi of the industry and she feels Tennis Premiere league will take Mrunal places as Mrunal has the right vision

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