Rapid fire with Kinshuk Mahajan

Kinshuk Mahajan.jpg

Supernatural happenings generally creeps everyone out, what is that one incident which has left you sleepless and scared?

I was shooting for a film in Ramoji Film City for one and a half month in Hyderabad. Before I travelled for this shoot, I was told many haunted stories revolving around that area which built up a kind of fear in my mind. Because of this fearful thought, I always felt some unrest in my room leaving me sleepless for days. To get rid of this restlessness, I started listening to bhajans on television. However, instead of getting rid of the feeling, something happened which was even more strange – the television wire caught fire. Following this, at the end of our shoot, while walking back towards my car, I realised that in sync with my steps the street lights were flickering and I immediately ran towards my car, stepped in and just drove.

One classic love story that you would like to give a supernatural twist

I would love to give a supernatural twist to the classic movie Titanic, having Leonardo Di Caprio come back to life even after freezing to death in the waters of Atlantic

If not an actor, what other passion you would have pursued?

If not introduced to the television industry, I would probably pursue my career as a businessman.

Every actor has that one turning point in their life which leads them to their dream path. What was your turning point?

I had many turning points in my life. My career hasn’t been a highway, but the one highlight I would saywas the television show ‘Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai’. The show and the character brought me under the spotlight!

What is your fitness mantra? And how do you manage it with your busy shoot schedule?

I wouldn’t consider myself a fitness freak but my mantra to stay healthy would be to take out atleast an hour every day for gym or to exercise by your own. I have recently started practicing Zumba and Yoga for peace and mental fitness.

Given a chance in Bollywood, which actress would you like to co-star with? And why?

Bollywood has many good actresses so choosing one would be very difficult but if given a chance, I would like to co-star with Shraddha Kapoor.

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