TV’s new Bad Man has arrived.


By Aryeman

While most male actors complain about Indian Television being regressive and focussing more on female characters, one male actor who has always landed with plum roles is Aamir Dalvi. Not only has his performance been applauded in all his portrayals but always Aaamir has steered clear of repeating himself with similar roles once his shows have been unplugged.


Over to his latest stint in the role of the power-hungry evil Wazir Zafar in Sony SAB TV’s show ‘Aladdin – Naam toh suna hoga’, you will find him as a scene-stealer for sure. Having been part of the show launch, I just couldn’t find any resemblance to Aamir’s previous shows or his real persona. Besides being an actor, Aamir is also an accomplished creatively crazy photographer!


His look is ferociously meticulous, his baritone voice is formidable and surely this is the birth of the Ultimate Bad Man on television. There have been other fantasy or mythological shows but none have ever got such a powerful villain look for their characters. Surely a performance to watch out for.

Do watch this space for more juicy updates on Aamir Dalvi.


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  1. i like zafar role on. aldin naam to suna hoga vry great role to amirAnd suit to there nature i like it😇😇😇😇😇😍😍😍


  2. I iike aamir sir from aladdin team aamir sir best actor and best villen moment 😄 i iike aamir sir best of Luck you are nice actor my name is jyot sir my instagarm nanavaty.J8 You are pic is my story prees chack you aamir sir byy 😊🤗


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