Amir Dalvi as Zafar, Siddharth Nigam as Aladdin, Avneet Kaur as Yasmine ....jpg

The mere mention of ‘Aladdin’ takes one back in time to the middle eastern era of lavish palaces and vast deserts, flying carpets and the quest for the magic lamp. Sony SAB gears up to take viewers on an adventure with the launch of an epic, Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga. With a generous dose of magic and mystery, this show is based on the age-old fantasy of a 20-year old boy, Aladdin, and his trysts with love and fate. This show premieres on August 21, Monday to Friday at 9 PM only on Sony SAB.

The lion-hearted character of Aladdin is played by none other than Siddharth Nigam. Paired opposite Aladdin is Yasmine, the feisty princess of Baghdad, played by Avneet Kaur. Unlike a stereotypical princess, Yasmine is a fighter, the first one to voice her opinion or challenge any wrong doing. A pro at self-defense with excellent swordsmanship, Yasmine adds romance and action into the life of Aladdin. Another important character is that of Aladdin’s father, Omar (Girish Sachdev) who is at the crux of all the struggles that he’s been through and has a crucial role to play in Aladdin’s future and, a pathway to his bright future. The show will also bring alive popular peripheral characters on-screen such as, Zafar (Amir Dalvi), the power-hungry evil Wazir, who will constantly be at loggerheads with Aladdin, his thrifty Chacha (Badrul Islam) and Chachi (Gulfam Khan) and Yasmine’s parents Sultan Shahnawaz (Gyan Prakash) and Sultana (Yashu Dhiman). Aladdin’s adventures lead him to the ‘Chirag’, a magical lamp; this is the central motive on which the story revolves.