The Dramebaazes Salute Rukhsana Kausar’s Heroism


Rukhsana Kausar a true hero gets felicitated on the stage of India's Best Dramebaaz (20).jpg

Angelica, Anish and Ssoham bring alive the inspiring story of a brave Kashmiri girl who fought terrorism

Every week, Zee TV’s India’s Best Dramebaaz Season 3 acknowledges the unsung heroes of India and narrates their stories of courage, determination, and humanity through a special skit performed by the kids. This week, the Independence Day Special episode will feature a heroic act of a courageous girl, Rukhsana Kausar who took the terrorists head on to protect her family. Conferred with the India National Bravery Award, 20-year old Rukhsana evaded a terrorist attack on her family by disarming and counter-attacking a militant.

Li’l Dramebaaz Angelica portrayed the character of Rukhsana and strongly brought to life her presence of mind and bravery as she was confronted with an unexpected home invasion by militants while Anish essayed the role of the terrorist and Soham played Rukhsana’s father. One night to seek shelter, terrorists broke into her house and attacked her father. To protect him and her family, Rukhsana who was hiding under the bed, disarmed one of the terrorist leaders, attacked him with an axe and shot him dead with his own gun. This incident left a huge mark on her and her family as they continue to live in exile under heavy police protection. This chilling dramatization of the incident by the talented Dramebaazes sent shivers down the spine of everyone and left the mentors speechless.

Following the act, Rukhsana shared her inspirational story of bravery and determination. She said, “The act brought back the memories of that fateful day for me, it was a terrifying moment.  When they attacked my family, I gathered all my courage to confront and fight the militants. I believe we all have the courage to rise above our situation and face the challenge   when confronted with tough situations. We had only two choices – either to die or to fight back and I picked the latter. If faced with a similar situation, I will once again stand up to protect my people and my country without thinking once about my life.”