Shantanu Maheshwari ties the knot with Huma Qureshi on India’s Best Dramebaaz???

Are Shantanu Maheshwari and Huma Qureshi tying the knot on the sets of India's Best Dramebaaz (3).JPG

Zee TV’s India’s Best Dramebaaz, the country’s leading acting based reality show continues to enthrall audiences every weekend with its incredible acting talent, entertaining acts and dramebaazi. While the nautanki kids never cease to impress the spectators with their innocence and mischievous antics, the mentors and hosts aren’t about to be left behind. Particularly, Shantanu Maheshwari and Huma Qureshi whose funny banter and quirky punches elevate the entertainment quotient a notch more!

The upcoming episodes of India’s Best Dramebaaz will see a reunion of former India’s Best Dramebaaz and DID Li’l Masters contestants Kartikey Raj, Kartikey Malviya, Jiya Thakur, Tamanna Deepak, Masoom Dilip and many more. During the course of the episode, Masoom threw a yoga flexibility challenge at Shantanu, mentor Omung Kumar and dramebaaz Inayat and Snigdha’s parents. While the charming host sportingly took up the challenge, he asked Huma if he will receive any gratification from her, once he performs well. The mentor’s instant response swept Shantanu off his feet! The gorgeous Huma openly announced that she will go on a coffee date with Shantanu if at all he manages to impress her.

Not only did Shantanu win the challenge, but his longstanding dream of going on a date with the stunning Huma also turned into reality as he sat across the table sipping Coffee right there on stage.  Well that wasn’t all, taking full advantage of the golden opportunity, Shantanu even took Omung and Vivek’s suggestion of sealing the deal right there and putting a varmala around Huma’s neck. The on-the-spot dreamy wedding became even more adventurous as everyone came on to the stage and played baraatis while dancing to ‘Badri Ki Dulhaniya’.  While, Huma could not hold herself back from laughing out loud, Shantanu beamed with joy and ran away with his bride off stage!

Tune in to India’s Best Dramebaaz to watch Huma and Shantanu on a special date, this Saturday and Sunday, at 9:00 pm only on Zee TV

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