The truth about Amrita Prakash and Vivian Dsena Relationship

Amrita Prakash (1).png

Amrita Prakash loved working with actor Vivian Dsena as well as the rest of the cast and crew. “I am someone who has been fortunate enough to get along with the cast and crew of all the shows and movies that I have worked on. But somehow, ‘Shakti’ was a little different. In ‘Shakti’, I feel very warmly about each one and shared a different equation and bond with every cast member. It is always difficult for a new character to enter a show that has been running for so long as the cast is usually quite close and has their own equations with each other. But the cast of ‘Shakti’ was so welcoming to me. I had to put in no effort to break the ice with any of them,” she says, adding, “I believe one of the cosmic reasons I came on board with the ‘Shakti’ team is to work with beautiful people and be able to make true friends. Working with Vivian has been one of the most fun experiences. He and I gotalong like a house on fire. And in him, I have most certainly found a very good friend that I intend to keep. He is an absolute brat with me and doesn’t consider me a female co-star, instead treats me like his younger brother…Relentlessly playing pranks and troubling me. We developed a very lovely bond and found it extremely easy and fun to work with each other.”

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