‘I don’t want to play the villain anymore’, confesses Jim Sarbh

Jim Sarbh at Open House with Renil.jpeg


On ‘Open House with Renil’ on zoOm Styled by Myntra, Bollywood’s newest villain Jim Sarbh gets candid with celebrity talk show host Renil Abraham and opens up about his journey from being a theatre actor to a super-villain in Bollywood.

Jim, best known for essaying unusual roles, from a terrorist, to a slave to a drug peddler, has pulled off every role with perfection. However, when quizzed by Renil on the one thing he does not want to do in a movie, he confessed, “I am sick of playing villains. I am not going to play a villain for a while. It’s not because I don’t like that kind of acting or don’t want to do it, but because I want to try other things now. One must say no to some opportunities to open the possibilities of others. Else, I will only remain a bad guy!”

Acting, it seems, is Jim’s destiny, as he explained to Renil. “As you know, before entering the glamorous world of Bollywood, I was into theatre where I played varied roles, from a lover boy to a servant. I’ve been doing plays ever since school. There’s never really been a stop to it. Except for one year, when I went off wandering around and stayed at an ashram for five months. Even there I was cast as Jesus in a play! There was no escaping, so I came back to acting.”

Jim is unpredictable in every sense, from his selection of characters to the way he carries himself in public. He is unaffected by the glamorous world of Bollywood but has certainly had the right effect on people, having built a substantial fan following.  And while the audience is going gaga over his negative role in his recent film, ‘Sanju’, we can only wait for his next unconventional performance.

Tune in to ‘Open House with Renil’ on Sunday, July 22 at 7 PM on zoOM styled by Myntra to get a peek into Jim Sarbh’s life.

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