&TV presents Laal Ishq – passionate love stories with a supernatural twist

Cast & Producers.jpg

For true love, never dies. &TV’s latest offering Laal Ishq, a series of passionate love stories with a supernatural twist premiered on 23rd June 2018, and airs at 10.00 pm, every Saturday and Sunday. Intertwined with romance and thrill, the show portrays love in a way that will make viewers question the clichéd happily ever after love stories. The episodic weekend series brings together stories designed by multiple creative minds – Dipti Kalwani (Sunny Side Up), Kabir Sadanand and Rajesh Kovil (Frog Unlimited) and Sachin Mohite along with Bhavna Sresht (Jaasvand Entertainment). Furthermore, prominent faces from the television industry like Sayantani Ghosh, Priyank Sharma, Mahhi Vij, Zain Imam, Veebha Anand, Preetika Rao, Karam Rajpal, Niti Taylor amongst others will be seen donning various never-seen-before characters on screen.

Set in different backdrops, each episode showcases a love story with a supernatural element in the form of an inanimate object – a rag doll, a magical statue or blooming jasmine flowers. As strange as the object might be, it perfectly brings out the eternal and obsessive side of love that vow to keep viewers glued to their screens and on the edge of their seats. The supernatural twist plays a pivotal role in taking the story forward, where love, the strongest emotion known to man, overcomes death and mortality.

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