Nikhil and Neha have a heated argument in the 15th episode of Roadies Xtreme

Roadies Xtreme Episode 15.png

The fifteenth season of roadies has stuck to its name and been a season full of extreme tasks. At this stage in the show the competition has reached a whole new level where gang leaders are fighting their lungs of to make even ‘one point’ during a task. This weeks episode showcases the task ‘Tag Buddy’ similar to the game Kabbadi gang members need to tag their opponenets face with the color of their gang and get back to their side to gain a point. If the gang member ends up taging two people on the face they get 3 points. During the task of Tag Buddy between Prince and Neha’s gang, a certain disagreemnet on the rules of the task led to a heated argument between Neha and Nikhil.

Nikhil in conversation with Neha during the argument said, Do you think this is right she’s got paint on her face. C’mon Neha are you really playing this game now. We all know if the tables were turned how you’d be screaming your head off right now. To which an irritated Neha replied  “I’m not screaming my head off because its hurting and maybe you have something to do with it”

So, which gang do you think Rannvijay agrees with and who wins the immunity ?

Tune in this Sunday, 7PM only on MTV India to find out more

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