10 unknown interesting facts about Krishna Bharadwaj





By Aryeman

As Tenali Rama, his cuteness has charmed the female audiences. His smiles have made them go weak in their knees. TV actor Krishna Bharadwaj may have steered clear from media adulation but his talent has always been appreciated. Here in a candid disclosure, Krishna speaks about the little known secrets about him.

  1. Krishna has been acting since the age of four. He gave his first audition at Aakashwani in Ranchi (his hometown) for a drama. He got selected since he confidently gave his lines in one take.
  2. Dance has been his strong point since childhood. He has mastered Bharat Natyam for seven years along while he was in Ranchi.
  1. Today Krishna is well-versed with several other dance forms like Bollywood, ballet, ballroom and contemporary. He can easily sway any girl off her feet on the dance floor and has always been the life of every party.


  1. Since he was good at dance, Krishna started his own dance institute in Ranchi. He had more than 150 students. Besides this, Krishna was a superhot for choreographing Ladies sangeet functions for weddings in and around Ranchi.
  1. Post completing his acting course, Krishna was absorbed as a full-time trainer by his acting guru. Professor Roshan Taneja was amazed at his acting and communication skills.
  1. Every actor has his share of struggle before they make it big. During his struggling days, Krishna has also slept in a temple for a week since he didn’t have any roof over his head.


  1. Supernatural stuff thrills Krishna. He loves reading books on occult science, paranormal activities and also is hooked on to philosophical and religious reading.
  1. Krishna has got his acting genes from his dad, who is a writer, actor, director and a member of IPTA Ranchi. His father has also acting in Bollywood director Prakash Jha’s first sports film Hip Hip Hurray.
  1. During the shoot of his TV show Jasuben Jayantilaal Joshi ki joint family, Krishna used to get so bored on sets waiting for his shot to be canned. He started assisting the director. So comfortable were the production heads with him that Krishna not only acted in their next project Sukh by chance but also handled the casting for the show and was the assistant director too.
  1. Having learnt the tricks of TV serials, Krishna is currently also working on 2 TV scripts which will be rip-roaring comedies with just the right blend of emotions for noted production houses. However, acting will continue to be prime target. Of course, the role has to be tempting after all the other serials he has done.

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