By Aryeman


A Rib-tickling Bonanza!!

The synopsis:

A Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian and a Parsee walk into the therapy session of Dr. Bombay’s clinic to help cope with various mental issues in their lives. The result is total chaos. This time, we get a glimpse of the four religions in their domestic environment as we go into the characters’ homes and witness their relationships with various people in their lives.

What makes this play a Super-hit must-watch:

While most theatre plays take some time to pick up the momentum, this one gets you laughing right from the first scene. Truly, it’s a power-packed laughathon, with high-action acting performances and a script that is truly whacko to evoke the laughs. The one-liners are crazy and you wonder the levels of imagination the writer has.

Acting Performances:

The entire star cast – Mona Singh, Sajeel Parakh, Danesh Irani, Danesh Khambata and Siddharth Merchant have performed amazingly with such finesse and perfect timing. It’s difficult to pick who was a better performer coz each one had their share of cheesecake-performance with the varied characters they played.

A must-watch for sure!!