Gurpreet Singh’s passion for bikes


Besides acting, Gurpreet Singh is passionate about one other thing i.e. his bike! The actor, who is currently seen in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s magnum opus ‘Porus’, is a big fan of bikes and his recent photoshoot is testimony to this.  The actor posed with his Royal Enfield and all we can say is that we are impressed!

Dressed in a white ganji and faded jeans, Gurpreet looked ruggedly handsome. The rustic, unkempt look of the pictures really added to their appeal.

“I love my bike and I have been wanting to get a professional shoot done on a bike since a long time. I had a great time shooting and love how the pictures have come out,” says the actor, adding, “I went in for a very casual look in the pictures because I wanted to keep it realistic. This is exactly how I am.”

Gurpreet adds that he makes sure to take his bike for a spin every day. “I love riding my bike and I do it every day without fail. It helps me relax and rejuvenate myself. When I am on the bike, I forget all my worries and just concentrate on the ride,” says the actor.

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