Now a film on “Malkhan Singh”


The famous dacoit of Chambal, Malkhan Singh was recently shooting for a biopic film “Malkhan Singh-The Bandit King”, in Mumbai.
Malkhan Singh, he came like a conquering hero.. Tall and lean, dressed in the uniform of the police he had fought hard for years, dacoit king Malkhan Singh’s farewell to arms in the town of Bhind in north Madhya Pradesh before an awed crowd of 30,000 had all the trappings of a Roman triumph.
Pen N Camera International and Yogi Films Entertainment joint venture based on true story of famous dacoit Malkhan Singh.  The bandit king from Chambal. Produced by Mehmood Ali & Satish Kumar.  Director Shwan Arhana, DOP AKN Sebastian, Action Director Mehmood Bhakshi and Spl Effect Babu Tayagi. Other actors in prominent roles are Ravi Kishan, Ajaz Khan, Rajeev Raj, Umesha and others.

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