By Aryeman

It’s an absolute honour to witness the brilliance of a TV actor on screen at the world premiere (held at Kashish Film Festival). Rarely have TV actors managed to dish out a performance which will not only shock you but have you gaping out in awe for their portrayal.


TV actor Ashish Sharma, who is recently seen in “Prithvi Vallabh” has done the television industry proud with his yet-to-be-released film “Khejdi”. It requires guts and balls to portray the role of a transgender / eunuch and at the same time not overdo it with the usual drama which we have seen on the silver screen.


The finesse in Ashish’s performance will be etched out on to your mind forever. His sterling performance is note-worthy just not for critical acclaim but also of awards. While certain sections of the audience felt that Ashish’s demeanour was not-so-feminine, I would say that’s the raw talent and actor’s creativity to handle the role in a non-filmi way. There are a dozen hallmark scenes in the movie which exemplify Ashish’s passionate talent to outdo his previous performances.

IMG_0757.JPGFor sure, Ashish has raised the benchmark for all TV actors who are vying to do Bollywood films. It is films like “Khejdi” that are solitaires and excelling in such challenging roles with excellence that keep the Indian Television fraternity proud.

Hats off to Ashish for his brilliant portrayal. While most would say that ‘A Star is Born’…..I Would say TV ACTOR ASHISH SHARMA HAS MADE INDIA PROUD WITH HIS FABULOUS PORTRAYAL IN ‘KHEJDI’