Film Review – Khejdi Rating – 5 stars



By Aryeman

Without being a spoiler and giving out the storyline of the film, all I would like to say is that you would be zapped with the narrative, the outstanding photography, the magnifique shot-taking, crisp editing and obviously the amazing acting performances.

“Khejdi” which had it’s world-wide premiere at Kashish Film Festival will surely go down in the history of Cinema. It’s a movie to watch for sure.

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  1. Ashush Sharma and Team Khejdi have worked so hard they deserve all the accolades they get!!!!Way to go Heroji!!!!!

  2. Wish you all the very very best by the grace and glory of Allah.Superb congratulations on your debut production Khejdi.Ashish Sharma is an accomplished actor and a great star.May you touch the great heights of glory and success.Live long and stay healthy and happy….My prayers are always with you.Ashish bhai

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