Play Review – Kitne Aadmi Thhe? – Writer, actor Bhavana Bhalsaver


By Aryeman

She’s vowed you with her perfect comic timing and innovative emotions on her SAB TV shows, here’s your opportunity to catch her live on stage now. Bhavana Bhalsaver’s latest play ‘Kitne Aadmi Thhe?’ showcases her double-hatting as a writer and lead actor.

Bhavana has always been a scene-stealer in all what she has chosen to do. In this endeavour, she ensures that audiences have a gala time with the wisecracks she has dished out to them. As a writer, the audience did feel that the first half needed some more punches but as always it’s the second half that picks up the momentum and gives you an enjoyable experience. The play is surely that will ease your senses over the weekend.

As an actor, Bhavana has handled the role just-too-perfectly. Her comic sense of timing is perfect and truly natural. Keep rocking Rockstar Bhalsaver, your audiences will surely love you more the next time you hit the small screen.

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