When Sunil Grover slipped into a towel!

Sunil grover and Ajay Jadeja.jpg

Check our Sunil Grover and Ajay Jadega’s spa wear!

It was a laughter riot on the sets of India’s first live comedy show Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan when cricketer Ajay Jadeja visited it recently. The cricketer was in full form and had a blast on the show, which has been produced by Preeti and Neeti Simoes. Besides sharing anecdotes about his past, he also interacted with the rest of the cast and participated in the various gags organised by them. One such segment was with actor Sunil Grover, where Jadeja even put on a bath robe and Sunil wrapped a towel around himself.

The cricketer looked dapped in a pathani blue kurta pyjama on the show, which he teamed up with shades during his entry. We may be seeing Jadeja after a gap of few years, but all we can say is that he surely has his swag factor up to date!

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