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Vishal Patni on Holi

Vishal Patni as Farus.jpg

Vishal Patni: Holi has always been memorable since childhood, though I was really scared in my childhood days of seeing people with colored faces. I used to lock myself in the room so that no one can apply any sort of color on me. I just enjoyed hitting people with water balloons back then. But seeing everyone united and enjoying are my most cherished moments. My plans for this year is probably shooting as we are having tight shifts. If I’ll be here in Umbergaon, I will celebrate with my Porus family. But obviously, if I get the day off, I will like to enjoy with my friends and will go to some event for celebrations. Being in Mumbai has its own specialty, where you get to see the whole industry under a roof on festivals and enjoying like there is no tomorrow, dancing their hearts out and putting gulal on each other faces. This is all that keeps you going when you are away from your family.

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