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Bhaktiyaar Irani’s experiences as a Show Producer

Bakhtiyar Irani- Tanaaz Irani (1).jpeg

Bhaktiyaar Irani :I am involved with Tango with Tannaz as a producer, actor and spot boy

Actor Bakhtiyaar Irani, who was last seen in Badi Door Se Aayein Hain and is now part of ‘Khichdi Returns’, is also part of ‘Tango with Tannaz’. The actor says that he is involved 100 percent with the show. “My involvement is as a producer, actor, spot boy. I have also directed two episodes and handled the production,” he says, adding, “Tango with Tannaz is a roller coaster ride for us. When we just think one episode is the best, we get another celeb giving us better content.”

The show is being produced under under Frog Lehrein and 2 The Point productions. Their next project is a short film called Behind Bars.

Bhaktiyaar says that it’s fun working with his wife Tanaaz Irani. “Tannaz is a complete woman, super mother, super actor and above all a lovely person. It’s amazing to work with her,” he says.

Ask him how he feels to be on the producing side of the show, and he says, “Being a producer is 1000000times difficult than being an actor.”

Meanwhile, the actor has been part of the TV industry since a long time now and feels that a lot has changed. “There have been tremendous changes. When I started in 2005, there was nothing like WhatsApp, Instagram and now, even if  people shit or pee, it’s on Instagram. You need to follow these trends or just stay home. So, now even I do the same,” he says.

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