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Review of Vahbiz Dorabjee as an achor and host – #Showbiz with Vahbiz

Vahbiz Dorabjee

By Aryeman

At a special screening of the 1st episode of ‘Showbiz with Vahbiz’, it was great to see TV actors Vahbiz Dorabjee and Pankit Thakker’s close friends cheer up for them.

A chat show with a difference for sure, the first episode features Divyanka Tripathi and hubby Vivek Dahiya speaking about their married life for the very first time. A casting coup of sorts and some intimate details are surely in store for the audiences and fans of Divyanka Tripathi.


Vahibiz’s demeanour is definitely infectious. Somehow, the audiences will love her cool and candid approach to ask most intimate details from the couple. She has definitely done her research and come up some intimate revelations about the couple.

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