Vahbiz with parents, brother and sister-in law

By Aryeman

It was a big day, and this bubbly TV actor Vahbiz Dorabjee let some juicy details out about her passion for talking which made her come up with a chat show concept. Apparently Vahbiz has been giving hefty telephone bills during her early days in Pune and her Dad had no option but to pay them with a smile.

Also it was nice to snoop when TV actor Dhrasthi Dhami called Vahbiz’s mom as “Hi Sexy how u been?’. It’s a known fact that Dhrashti, Sanaya Irani and Vahbiz share a cool girl-gang bonding and have always stood by each other.

Vahbiz’s family cheered the most while the first episode was being screened. As an onlooker, it was a delight to see those moments of happiness in both the parents who were truly proud of their darling daughter.

All said and done, Vahbiz will surely woo the audiences with her latest endeavour.