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Directorial review – Pankit Thakker – #Showbiz with Vahbiz

Dhrasthi Dhami and Pankit Thakkar (1)

By Aryeman

An actor by choice, Pankit has wooed the audiences with his penchant for funny characters on television shows. In this episode, he steers clear of the regular TRP twists which most chat shows resort to. Pankit has ensured the show is entertaining and at the same time has the newness in the subtle gossip that it gives out. A little birdie disclosed that there’s lots more interesting episodes in store which will be exclusive and never done before. Apparently Pankit has some long-standing relationships with actors who are ready to be quizzed on the show by Vahbiz.

Overall, an interesting episode and something to look forward to for all Divyanka Tripathi fans.

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