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Launch of Call Bollywood – a new App & Web Portal

Rajesh Shringarpure, Shekhar Gijare, Krishna Hegde, Vice President BJP & JB Tiwari

“Call Bollywood is likely to bridge the gap between the talent seekers and the talent and everyone will find the intuitive framework very useful. So far hiring in the media, entertainment, creative & art space has been exceptionally vibrant, and yet very unorganized and obsolete. In a way, the entertainment sector sees significantly higher recruitment activity than any other sector because unlike the corporate space where people get employed with a single organization for years, artists are very fast-moving and get employed only for a few days or weeks at a time depending on the nature of the project. This increases the overall hiring-velocity of the entire industry and every artist is engaged by not one but numerous recruiters in say one year’s time. The number of recruitment transactions we are talking about is unimaginable, especially when we take regional cinema, television, and advertising also into consideration. Given this diverse and intense hiring dynamics, the need for an organized and reliable online platform was very pronounced.” Said co-founder and ad-film and film producer Shekhar Gijare.

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