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Mrunal Jain is missing his mom Vidya Jain!


 Mrunal Jain is having a good time in Indonesia. He is shooting for an Indonesian series but his heart beats for India. He is missing his mother. Mother’s day is coming and it is the first time he won’t be with her. He says, “I love my mother Vidya Jain  and can’t think of life without her. I talk to her daily. Each day when I shoot I think of her. I am missing her and my home in India. I love my country and my city Mumbai”.  His mother has given him home made stuff which is favourite of marwari’s from khakras to nan khatia to gujiya and every day he has it in snacks. His wife Sweetie is accompanying him and she also cooks special dishes for him in Indonesia. Mrunal is one lucky and pampered husband and son.  He further adds, “Indonesia is an interesting place to work.  I am learning Indonesian language too on the job”. Well Mrunal enjoy your paid vacation which is a work cum pleasure trip!

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