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Popular TV celebs come together for a hilarious take on daily soaps with ‘Soapholics’


After the TV celebs are making us soap addicts , its time to see how they handle soap addiction.

Guess where all our favourite TV celebrities are this weekend! Television’s  most popular bahu rani Devoleena Bhattacharjee along with Dheeraj Dhoopar and Abhinav Shukla will be seen together in a digital film ‘Soapholics’.  It is a short video showing a bunch of husbands addicted to television soaps and what ensues when they undergo a therapy session for the same. Sounds hilarious, right? The film also features T.V’s current biggies like Vishal Malhotra, Juhi Parmar and Jay Soni.

Daily soaps have ruled our television sets for more than a decade now. And as popular as they are, they have had a reputation for their over the top performances and melodramatic sequences. Hence, it comes as no surprise that someone decided to make a spoof around them. What’s making news is the fact that it is the stars of Indian television themselves who have come together for this funny video.

You can catch it at :

‘Aur Dikhao’, the YouTube channel which was behind the quirky anti-smoking ad with Sunny Leone, which recently went viral, is seen stepping into the fiction-comedy genre with this one.

The film is being supported by city’s well known philanthropists Aneel Murarka and Manish Murarka (Ample Mission)

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