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BOOM: Salman Khan signs ‘Bigg Boss 10’ contract at a massive amount PER EPISODE!

The most loved reality show Bigg Boss will be back soon and like every year, Salman Khan has an unbreakable ‘naata’ with it. There will be not only fun, drama and excitement but also a twist to the show as the theme this time is entirely different from the others. Reportedly, Salman has signed the contract for the show and he is returning as the host for the TV show again.


According to sources, Salman is going to be paid a huge amount per episode for hosting the show. Well, there is no surprise as Salman has always remained the life of the show.


Bigg Boss season 10 will be opening the doors to the common people to appear as contestants besides stars.


Here’s how common people can enter the Bigg Boss house:


Make a three minute video of yourself highlighting a trait that will make them eligible for the show.

Post it on the official website of the channel.

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