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Shah Rukh Khan’s message on Women’s day

srk womans day

“I would love to be a woman, myself”- said Shah Rukh Khan on #fame this women’s day.

Here’s a brief note and the link of the same.

I would love to be a woman, myself”- Shah Rukh

Superstar’s special message to all the women in the world



No one believes in woman-power more than SRK. In a candid chat live on #fame – India’s no 1 live video social platform he spoke about the various things he is a FAN of. Fans all over the world tuned-in to his live beam where he answered questions about his favorite movies, his favorite food, his craziest fans, his favorite books and much more.


Shah Rukh Khan has also shared a very special message for Women’s Day, where he said, “I am a fan of all the women in the world. I love each one of you equally. More power to women, more strength to women and more freedom to women, to make the choices and do the stuff they want to do. I want to thank all the women this Women’s Day”


Watch his women’s day video here:

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