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TV actress Pavitra Punia who is currently portraying the role of lawyer Nidhi Chhabra in popular show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ is in trouble nowadays. Wondering, what happened?

Well, if reports are to be believed the actress is being targeted by the show’s fandom for separating Indian television’s  favourite jodi Ishita-Raman.

The fans of ideal jodi Ishita and Raman are so miffed with the ongoing track that they have took to  social media and started criticising Pavitra’s negative character. Not even this, some have gone a step further by threatening the actress.

When a leading entertainment portal enquired Pavitra about the incident, she confirmed the news saying, “Yes. I am getting threatening messages from fans. I am loving the fact that the audience is accepting my role so well, but what I fail to understand is how can one not get that its all on-screen. It is just a character, not real. I want to tell my fans to love my character, but threatening messages get scary sometimes.”

On the other hand, the show is gearing for Raman’s third wedding with Nidhi. Ishita, who is believed to be dead will resurface soon but in a new avatar.

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