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Arjun Bijlani to play double role in COLORS’ Naagin!

arjun naagin

Naagin continues to amaze the audience with major drama that unfolds every week. The show has been successful in raising the level of suspense with each passing episode.

Adding more masala to the never ending entertainment would be the double role of  Ritik aka Arjun Bijlani. The viewers will now see two different avtaars of the most loved actor. He will now be seen donning the role of his own father. This twist in the story line will bring in more mysteries around the character of Ritik and his past. The coming week will also put Shivanya yet again in a serious dilemma as she struggles to understand the past life for her husband Ritik.

Commenting on his role Arjun Bijlani said, “In my entire career this is the first time I will be playing a double role. I think I am excited but at the same time nervous too because audience has loved my character as Ritik and I hope the reaction would be even better for this one. You have to be in completely two different characters at the same time so it will definitely be challenging. I always look forward to such difficult roles. I hope the audience would continue to shower their love and blessings.”

With so many mysteries and high end drama,it’s difficult to fathom what happens next!

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