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Month: March 2016

Another TV couple SEPARATED!

TV actor Ashwini Koul aka Aryan from ‘Sadda Haq season 2’ and Sana Sayyad who rose to fame with ‘Splitsvilla 8’ have entered the list of Breakup diaries 2016. Shocked!

Launch of Jaipur Raj Joshiley Jersey

witnessed the presence of popular TV celebrities in the likes of Kamya Punjabi ​ – ​Owner, Jaipur Raj Joshiley​, ace comedian Rajiv Thakur ​- Captain of Jaipur Raj Joshiley​ , Avinash Sachdev, Anurag Sharma, […]

Lauren high on Vitamin C!

Dancer-actress Lauren Gottlieb says she has been taking doses of Vitamic C as she is under the weather.  “Third day not feeling well. Really over this cold? I’ve taken so […]

Saurabh Pandey – I am a Shiv Bhakt

Saurabh Pandey – I am a Shiv Bhakt. Mahashivratri gives a good feeling and I feel peaceful. I intend visting a shiv temple in my area. I don’t do fasting but […]

Rashami  Desai – Lord Shiva is our kuldevta

I believe in Lord Shiva. He is our kuldevta. I don’t leave my home without my morning pooja. This habit exists since childhood.  I don’t go without lighting  the diya.  I feel  when  I  go from home […]