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Prince Narula was a pre-decided WINNER of Bigg Boss 9, reveals Aman Verma

prince aman

Bigg Boss 9 contestant and TV actor Aman Verma has made some startling revelations about the show and its winner Prince Narula which will leave all its viewers shocked.

You might have been thinking why are we saying this, as the show has been ended a couple of months ago. Well, Aman Verma’s latest statement has made us to say all this. From many celebrities we have heard that the show is scripted but now Aman Verma has also joined the club.

Aman said, “I was supposed to be on the show for just six weeks according to my deal with the producers. We wanted people to think that mine was a proper eviction but actually, I could only afford to give the show six weeks.”

“If you are on Bigg Boss for three months it is not going to change your career. Tell me the name of any winner of Bigg Boss whose career has changed after coming on the show, except for Shweta Tewari, who was already doing well in her career. If you want to get infamous for a certain time, then it is a great show to be on. But for me, mere paas six weeks free thay, so I did my bit, took my money and came out,” added Aman.

Aman also claims that even Prince Narula was a pre-decided winner of Bigg Boss season 9.

He said, “We knew right from the start that Prince Narula is going to win Bigg Boss. There were a lot of people from the production team who were talking about it, saying that this guy will win the show.”

Now we want to ask Aman, why were you shocked after your eviction when you already knew everything via your contract.

Here is what Aman had said after his eviction from the house:

“I am surprised to be out of the house this early but nonetheless I have no regrets as I had a wonderful experience. While I was inside the house, I made sure that people get to see the real Aman Verma and guess this is what kept me going in the show. I have come out of the house with absolute dignity and clean heart with no hard feelings for anybody. I am surely going to miss Rochelle and Mandana for all the good times we have spent inside the house,”

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