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Parth Samthaan to sing for his debut film produced by Katrina’s Make up turned producer Subhash Singh .

parth samrthan

The television heartthrob Parth Samthaan, also popularly known as Manik of ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan’ fame will be making his big Bollywood debut this year with producer Subhash Singh’s (Katrina Kaif’s former make-up artist) next directorial venture. 

Parth, who enjoys an enviable fan following across the globe, especially female populace and youth, is a multi-talented personality as he will not just showcase his acting credentials but also his singing abilities with his untitled debut film.

The immensely talented actor Parth recently recorded the promotional track – a romantic number for the movie . If sources are to be believed, “Parth has a soulful voice and he has also pursued classical training as a singer. Producer Subhash wanted to cash in on his singing skills as he felt Parth’s voice suits the mood of the song that will be part of the promotional video.”

Parth says, “I was very nervous when it comes to singing which is not the case with acting. As an actor you get the idea as to where you’re going wrong but that’s not the case with singing. It’s an experiment and I’m looking forward to the audience’s reaction.”

Parth’s movie co-star Pakistani model-actor Sohai Ali Abro will also make her Bollywood debut with Subhash and Sonali Singh’s film. The gorgeous and talented Sohai is a popular name in Pakistan film and television industry.

Interestingly, when Sohai was narrated the script of her debut film, she was slightly skeptical, but when the makers informed her about her co-star Parth, she immediately agreed to do the movie since she’s a huge admirer of Parth and used to watch his show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan in Pakistan.

“Subhash is glad to have signed Parth and Sohai for his movie as he feels that they both have mutual understanding and respect for each other’s work which will certainly help them to portray their chemistry well in the movie,” the source adds.

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