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get up and dance

~Channel V’s newest dance fiction show launched with an unconventional and exciting augmented reality dance billboard ~


Channel V, after premiering the first ever dance fiction show, has launched an all new dance show titled D4- Get Up and Dance. The dance show comes after the success of its previous hit TV show, Dil Dostii Danceand the new show seeks to add to the excitement with breathtaking performances from the lead pair. Launching on Monday, 22nd February 2016, the show will air every Monday to Friday at 7pm and will feature a spectacular dancing pair- Newcomer Niyati Fatnani and Reality Star/Actor Utkarsh Gupta.


Actor Utkarsh Gupta too is very glad to join Channel V’s newest dance fiction show. He shared saying,“D4 Get Up and Dance is going to be a show like no other with the level of dance styles we have encapsulated into the show along with the its plot. I play the role of Mikhail who is a trained dancer and also founder of a dance troupe. Baby stumbles into meeting Mikhail who can’t help but notice Baby’s dancing skills and her potential.”

Apart from D4, Channel V’s teen crime show ‘Gumrah’: End of Innocence (Sunday 7pm), SaddaHaq – Season 2 (Mon-Sat6:30pm), and action-packed romantic drama showcasing two lifetimes Mastaangi (Mon–Sat 6:00 pm) continue to be on air.

All the new and current shows are available anytime on hotstar.

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