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Sudeep Sahir talks about most memorable Valentine day and their first crush!

Sudeep Sahir

My wife Anantica & I had just starting dating & the same year she was going to Southampton for her MBA ..So we wouldn’t have been together on Valentine’s that year. But I had planned something different. Those were the initial days of my career, wasn’t earning much but  I saved money & booked myself on a flight to UK to surprise her. Landed straight outside her university waiting for her to come out. & when she saw me. My God!!! I can never forget that look on her face. Just made everything worth it.
My first crush happened when I was I think in the 2nd standard. There was this teacher Ms Gandhi , have lovely memories .. She was so caring & loving. I still remember, she used to wear this distinct perfume. My mum tells me, whenever they would ask me who I would want to marry when I grew up, I would say Sujata Gandhi Mam.

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