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Vinod Singh is the Sachin Tendulkar of Ahmedabad Express!

vinay singh

TV actor Vinod Singh who is best remembered as Ayushman from the fame is a part of BCL and one of the best player of Ahmedabad Express (BCL Season 2 on colors)  owned by Nandish Sandhu and Mrunal Jain

Vinod says,”I love playing cricket so I chose to be a part of BCL season 2.The first season I was not sure if I could play with normal ball since I play with season ball but then this year BCl is far more bigger so I decided to be a part of it. Mrunal jain has been a close friend and so when he offered me to play I accepted. Mrunal and Nandish are like buddies so it is very chilled out atmosphere with them.They never behave like a team owners and they have a personal bond with each player of the team.”
When asked about his love for cricket and favorite cricket the actor says,”I am a very sporty person from childhood.I love to play all kinds of sports and I have keen interest in cricket from childhood. Sachin Tendulkar is my favorite cricketer.He is the God of cricket.More than love I respect Sachin as he is so humble and genuine.He never lets his ego come in between his  passion for cricket.He is the best cricketer in the world.”
The actor talks about  the physical training he is undergoing to build up stamina and energy and his best pal in the team,”I normally run everyday and also workout in the gym so no special training for stamina or energy but I have always been into sports. Anand Suryavanshi is my best friend from last 13 years and we always play cricket together so I am very comfortable with him in our team.But as per my nature I get along with everyone in the team.I am happy go lucky type of person so I am always joking and having fun with everyone so basically chilled out with everyone.”
On being asked that everyone is calling him Sachin Tendulkar of Ahmedabad Express team the actor says,”I am a batsman but I can never be close to Sachin. I am very happy and I feel very proud of myself and it is really very sweet of everyone for putting me on this pedestal.He is my icon and I don’t think I could have got a better compliment.This time BCL is getting more and more competitive and I love the way every team is really putting in the har

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