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Piyush Chawla, Mohamamd Kaif and Gyanendra Pandey are supporting my team- Ajay Chaudhary

ajay chaudhary

TV actor Ajay Chaudhary who was last seen in the Uttaran and is also the owner of Lucknow Nawabs talks about his team with lot of passion. He says,”As a team owner you owns everything and you are responsible for each and every thing.I am handling everything.The relationship with the actors we have to maintain.I have to be responsible on a social level and coordinate too with all the actors.”

Talking about his vision for the team the actor says,”My vision for the team is to take my team as far as possible in the tournament and to support them.I have decided to do the promotion in Nawabi style and it is different from other teams promotion.My main vision is to win BCL season 2.”
When asked about that the name Lucknow Nawabs is so unique the actor says,”This is first team from Uttar Pradesh so we were deciding that what should be appropriate name of the team which is very different.Lucknow is a capital of Uttar Pradesh and it is  famous for his food,shayaris and the main thing is that the real Nawabs used to stay there so I decided that Lucknow Nawabs is perfect name for my team as my hometown is Lucknow.So we are going to give the team players a Nawabi touch.”
The actor further adds,”This Time BCL season 2 is going to be a hit and being on Colors which is number one channel for fiction and non-fiction shows it is going to bigger than previous season.Maximum people watch Colors because it contains best shows so the channel itself has lot of audience.So I am very excited and looking forward to BCL.”
When asked about his love for cricket and his favorite cricketers the actor says,”I love cricket and i belong to Uttar Pradesh and many cricketers are fro Uttar Pradesh. I used to watch cricket whole day sitting at one place only.Along with my friends I used to go early in the morning to play cricket so that no other group would come and play on the same ground.We all used to have lots of fun.Some of my friends are playing for Indian cricket team. I like Yuvraj Singh and Virender Sehwag. Sachin tendulkar is all time favorite of everyone. Rahul Dravid is a fantastic cricketer.There are some cricketers like Piyush Chawla,Mohammad Kaif and Gyanendra Pandey are supporting my team Lucknow Nawabs.”
The actor further adds,”Multitasking is a way of life for me because I am an actor,I am producer and I am a team owner.It is so much of fun because it keeps me busy sometimes it is hectic but I enjoy every bit of it.My strength as a player is batting and bowling.My weakness as a player is fielding.”

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