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BCL is a complete sports reality entertainment package : Sunny Arora

sunny arora

The owner of BCL franchise Sunny Arora (Marinating films) feels this cricket tournament is a complete entertainment package. Talking about his vision on BCL Season 2 on Colors Sunny says,”Bigger and Grand. Two new teams have been introduced, the size of the stadium has been increased and also more number of celebrities  are participating and along with that there are introduction of some new exciting rules. It is a complete sports reality entertainment package.” When asked how the production house Marinating Films born, Sunny says,” In 2012 me and Anand Mishra have started this company,both of us  are from the advertising and fashion background and I used to direct ads and Anand used to head production. Right from the beginning we worked as a team and thereafter have been working together on every assignment. Telly Calendar was the first Intellectual Property created under Marinating Films and right now we have BCL & Television Style Awards as well.” So how is working with television queen Ekta Kapoor who is also producing BCL? “Ekta got to know about BCL from the industry since a lot of actors were playing the trial season. We had a meeting with the senior team of Balaji Telefilms and we were delighted to know that they were looking at partnering with us considering we are a new company.” Interestingly Sunny has a deeper connection with cricket right from his childhood at quite early age. He adds,”I have been organising Cricket Tournaments since I was in Class 6th, at the park in Pitampura Delhi. My Dad used to subscribe Cricket Magazines for me and used to tell me various stories on cricket. I have grown up with all this. During every Holi our family used play cricket in the park and then during one holi when while playing a match I was fielding and the ball hit my face, till now I have a mark on my lip. I guess that is the reason I created this Cricket format with soft ball so nobody gets injured.

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