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I am queen of multi tasking : Nivedita Basu

nivedita basu

Nivedita Basu is a well known name on Indian television and she is also the owner of the cricket team Kolkata Babumoshaye. As a owner of the team we could see Nivedita always in action and doing lot of stuff singlehandedly.  When asked Nivedita says,” I am a queen of multi tasking.I work in so many shows,then BCL and I have my personal life so I manage all these things because I love to be active and don’t like to sleep much.Multi tasking is the only way now.I think there is less time and many things to do in life.” She also adds,”My strength is I don’t let go things  and I have a competitive spirit of winning. I want to keep practising and to be a part of every small event which our team is doing in terms of game.”Nivedita feels as an owner of KB she needs to raise funds for her team. She says,”I have to make sure that my team is happy and make sure we win the championship.”

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