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I am enjoying playing cricket after 25 years-  Hard Kaur

Hard kaur 3

Popular singer Hard Kaur is all set to start her new innings as a cricketer in BCL season 2 this year in Ahmedabad Express. Talking about her participation in cricket she says,”My dear friend actress Jaswir Kaur and I play for the Punjab league and she also plays for Mrunal Jain’s team. Actually she introduced me to Mrunal saying that I am a good player. He asked if I wanted to be a part of the Ahemdabad team and I said yes of course, I’m really enjoying playing cricket after 25 years. It’s exciting.” Talking about her fondness for cricket she adds,”I used to play in the Galli (street) as a child with the other kids from the area and it was really fun. Growing up in England I also indulged myself into different sports there we played Rounders and I even played baseball couple of times so I guess that’s why I can ball pretty well.” So how you strike the right balance between music and acting and now playing cricket? “I just try doing as many possible things in a day. Sometime it is really tiring but I always believe I am a strong person. You just need to be organised and focus and do not waste time in useless things.”    Box cricket League (BCL)  as a property is owned by Ekta Kapoor, Sunny Arora and Anand Mishra and would be telecast on Colors.

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