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The Virat Kohli – Steve Smit Controversy

A controversy happened on 26 Jan during India – Australia T-20 match. We have made a small spoof riding on it. Here’s the link request if you can put the same on your esteemed website.

Aussie cricket player Steve Smith was on strike against India and in an conversation with Channel 9 at the same time. You heard that right! Steve was in a live chat during the first of a three-match T20 International series at the Adelaide Oval. Shortly after answering questions from Channel 9 commentators, Smith chipped Ravindra Jadeja to Virat Kohli at mid-off. Kohli gave Australia’s Test and ODI skipper a verbal send-off while making a “chatterbox” gesture. While the gesture has caused quite a controversy all over the world.. we love our aggressive Indian Cricketer’s style of telling the world.. Be careful.. Nazar hati.. durghatna ghati!

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