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Nanhi- One of my most challenging roles says Sajal Ali


Sajal Ali, the talented actress of the drama series ‘Nanhi’ that airs on Zindagi from Monday to Saturday at10:20 pm, is referred to as one of the most versatile actresses of Pakistan. Lauded for her gripping performances on television, Sajal is known for playing a variety of characters in her shows – from contemporary, social to romantic dramas. At just 22, the ‘Nanhi’ actress has an exemplary portfolio consisting of 28 drama series and 13 telefilms.

Through her short but extensive career, Sajal, who is poised to make her debut in the Pakistani film industry soon, has depicted, a bevy of characters that would be the envy of any veteran artist. She has portrayed the role of a mentally challenged girl in Sannata, a strong independent girl in Gul-e-Rana, her impactful roles in Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewahand Mohabbat Jaye Bhaar Mein have all left an indelible impact in the minds of the viewers. Sajal feels that every role she has portrayed so far has given her the scope to perform and innovate, however she says that playing the role of Nanhi was by far one of the most challenging and rewarding roles till date.

‘Nanhi’ that airs at 10:20pm every Monday to Saturday, is the story of a sheltered fifteen year old girl who has been brought up by Shamoo Tai, a mid-wife that steals new born babies from the hospital that she works at and trades them for money. To ensure that her child trafficking secret is kept safe and to have someone to take care of the children while she is at the hospital, Shammo tai keeps Nanhi locked up at home. Nanhi, who has grown up caring and looking after the stolen babies, develops an unhealthy obsession with babies and wants a child of her own as she is tired of taking care of babies that are eventually given away to others. The story begins to unravel when Shammo tai accidently kills one of the new-born while trying to evade police investigation.


Watch Sajal Ali’s most rewarding performances in Nanhi, Monday to Saturday at 10.20 pm, only on Zindagi!

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