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Double trouble for Vasant and Ronnie in SAB TV’s Badi Door Se Aaye Hai



 The two couples on SAB TV’s Badi Door Se Aaye Hai Vasant-Varsha and Ronnie-Lisa will be soon facing some trouble in their relationships. It looks like trouble has struck their paradise when Ronnie (Bakhtiyaar Irani) will get in touch with his ex-girlfriend Nisha (Tapasya Naik). Ronnie happens to get in contact with Nisha through a social networking site and is hooked on to chatting with her all day. This gets his wife Lisa (Tanaaz Irani) suspicious and she gets curious and manages to find out about Ronnie’s secret rendezvous. Soon she confronts him and they get into a huge fight which the Ghotalas’ overhear.


On the other hand when Ghotalas’ hear the commotion, Vasant (Sumeet Raghavan) makes a passing remark Wah Ronnie ki toh nikal padi’ which irks Varsha (Rupali Bhosale) as she misinterprets his intention. Varsha in a fit of rage challenges Vasant to woo a girl and make her confess her love for him. Vasant however tries to talk sense into her, but to no avail. He is forced to accept the challenge and does so reluctantly.


Bakhtiyaar Irani who plays Ronnie on SAB TV’s Badi Door Se Aaye Hai said, “I am enjoying the current track. Only as an actor one gets to play such roles. In real life I guess all of us have this flirt within us, but it subsides as it is all about responsibilities in the end. Ronnie too is going through this phase where he is stuck up between his wife Lisa and ex-girlfriend Nisha.”




Tune in to Badi Door Se aaye Hain to find out more from Monday to Friday at 9:30pm only on SAB TV.


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